When You Literally Can't Even

Here it is again.... Monday.... Wasn't it Friday like 5 minutes ago?

We've all been there in our lives... when all you want to do is shake your head. It's that feeling that comes over you when someone asks you the same questions 5 different ways. Your thoughts end up being like *blank stare* I understand that you can rephrase your question, my answer though.... *shrug* isn't going to change

Someone really "wise" said to me... "I just don't care". 

How to Make Your Own Succulent Plant Pot Terrarium

When it comes to plants, let's just say I have less than a "green thumb". I love orchids and terrariums are my dream decorum but I can honestly say that most of my plant babies have been adopted by my mom, who has a way with our green friends. 

So, in an effort to become zen with all living green things, I will try my hand at succulents, because adulting, and stuff!

Materials for making a succulent potted arrangement:

  • Cactus Potting Soil Mix
  • Sphagnum moss or a fiber planter liner 
  • A pretty container
  • Lots of little baby succulent clippings
  • A few large main succulents
  • A box cutter or gardening shears

What Your Workout is Missing...

And we're over here like "we hate running" 

Running, or cardio, or expending energy, or basically doing anything but Netflix and chilling. Kidding.

We do enjoy a fair amount of physical activity, more so than lifting the glass (bottle) of wine to our mouth. 

Whilst enjoying a 21-Day Fix workout vid with my roommate and Autum the trainer, being peppy AF in your face. I realized as much as I would love to have killer abs like her, I can have all the body goals in the world. But what it comes down to is...